A modal window that appears on top of the main content.


import { XIcon } from 'lucide-react'
import { Stack } from 'styled-system/jsx'
import { Button } from '~/components/ui/button'
import * as Dialog from '~/components/ui/dialog'
import { IconButton } from '~/components/ui/icon-button'

export const Demo = (props: Dialog.RootProps) => {
  return (
    <Dialog.Root {...props}>
      <Dialog.Trigger asChild>
        <Button>Open Dialog</Button>
      <Dialog.Backdrop />
          <Stack gap="8" p="6">
            <Stack gap="1">
              <Dialog.Title>Dialog Title</Dialog.Title>
              <Dialog.Description>Dialog Description</Dialog.Description>
            <Stack gap="3" direction="row" width="full">
              <Dialog.CloseTrigger asChild>
                <Button variant="outline" width="full">
              <Button width="full">Confirm</Button>
          <Dialog.CloseTrigger asChild position="absolute" top="2" right="2">
            <IconButton aria-label="Close Dialog" variant="ghost" size="sm">
              <XIcon />


Insert code snippet into your project. Update import paths as needed.

import { Dialog } from '@ark-ui/react/dialog'
import type { ComponentProps } from 'react'
import { tv } from 'tailwind-variants'
import { createStyleContext } from '~/lib/create-style-context'

const styles = tv(
    base: 'dialog',
    slots: {
      trigger: 'dialog__trigger',
      backdrop: 'dialog__backdrop',
      positioner: 'dialog__positioner',
      content: 'dialog__content',
      title: 'dialog__title',
      description: 'dialog__description',
      closeTrigger: 'dialog__closeTrigger',
    variants: {},
  { twMerge: false },
const { withProvider, withContext } = createStyleContext(styles)

export const Root = withProvider(Dialog.Root)
export const Backdrop = withContext(Dialog.Backdrop, 'backdrop')
export const CloseTrigger = withContext(Dialog.CloseTrigger, 'closeTrigger')
export const Content = withContext(Dialog.Content, 'content')
export const Description = withContext(Dialog.Description, 'description')
export const Positioner = withContext(Dialog.Positioner, 'positioner')
export const Title = withContext(Dialog.Title, 'title')
export const Trigger = withContext(Dialog.Trigger, 'trigger')

export type RootProps = ComponentProps<typeof Root>
export interface BackdropProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Backdrop> {}
export interface CloseTriggerProps extends ComponentProps<typeof CloseTrigger> {}
export interface ContentProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Content> {}
export interface DescriptionProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Description> {}
export interface PositionerProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Positioner> {}
export interface TitleProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Title> {}
export interface TriggerProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Trigger> {}

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