Welcome to Park UI

The only component library that lets you choose the JS/CSS framework


Most popular component libraries are designed for a specific JS framework and have their own way of styling components. While this works fine for individuals and small businesses, it can be challenging for larger organizations or agencies dealing with various clients or teams that use different frameworks.

In addition, most component libraries tightly couple component design and functionality, making it difficult to customize and at times, impossible.


Enter Park UI. Our goal is to put you in control allowing you to decide how the components are built and styled. Park UI provides a set of components with sensible defaults that can be easily customized to fit your needs.

Unlike many other component libraries, Park UI doesn’t ship as a single npm package. Instead, it ships various packages tailored for each supported CSS framework. This allows you to only install the components you need and nothing more.


Supporting a wide range of JS and CSS frameworks allows for flexible design systems that work well across different platforms. It offers developers the freedom to choose the tools that best match their skills and project needs, which can boost productivity and help maintain the codebase effectively over time.