File upload

File Upload

A component that allows users to upload files.


    import { Trash2Icon } from 'lucide-react'
    import { Button } from '~/components/ui/button'
    import * as FileUpload from '~/components/ui/file-upload'
    import { IconButton } from '~/components/ui/icon-button'
    export const Demo = (props: FileUpload.RootProps) => {
      return (
        <FileUpload.Root maxFiles={3} {...props}>
            <FileUpload.Label>Drop your files here</FileUpload.Label>
            <FileUpload.Trigger asChild>
              <Button size="sm">Open Dialog</Button>
            {(files) =>
    , id) => (
                <FileUpload.Item key={id} file={file}>
                  <FileUpload.ItemPreview type="image/*">
                    <FileUpload.ItemPreviewImage />
                  <FileUpload.ItemName />
                  <FileUpload.ItemSizeText />
                  <FileUpload.ItemDeleteTrigger asChild>
                    <IconButton variant="link" size="sm">
                      <Trash2Icon />


    Insert code snippet into your project. Update import paths as needed.

    import { FileUpload } from '@ark-ui/react/file-upload'
    import type { ComponentProps } from 'react'
    import { tv } from 'tailwind-variants'
    import { createStyleContext } from '~/lib/create-style-context'
    const styles = tv(
        base: 'fileUpload',
        slots: {
          root: 'fileUpload__root',
          dropzone: 'fileUpload__dropzone',
          item: 'fileUpload__item',
          itemDeleteTrigger: 'fileUpload__itemDeleteTrigger',
          itemGroup: 'fileUpload__itemGroup',
          itemName: 'fileUpload__itemName',
          itemPreview: 'fileUpload__itemPreview',
          itemPreviewImage: 'fileUpload__itemPreviewImage',
          itemSizeText: 'fileUpload__itemSizeText',
          label: 'fileUpload__label',
          trigger: 'fileUpload__trigger',
        variants: {},
      { twMerge: false },
    const { withProvider, withContext } = createStyleContext(styles)
    export const Root = withProvider(FileUpload.Root, 'root')
    export const Dropzone = withContext(FileUpload.Dropzone, 'dropzone')
    export const Item = withContext(FileUpload.Item, 'item')
    export const ItemDeleteTrigger = withContext(FileUpload.ItemDeleteTrigger, 'itemDeleteTrigger')
    export const ItemGroup = withContext(FileUpload.ItemGroup, 'itemGroup')
    export const ItemName = withContext(FileUpload.ItemName, 'itemName')
    export const ItemPreview = withContext(FileUpload.ItemPreview, 'itemPreview')
    export const ItemPreviewImage = withContext(FileUpload.ItemPreviewImage, 'itemPreviewImage')
    export const ItemSizeText = withContext(FileUpload.ItemSizeText, 'itemSizeText')
    export const Label = withContext(FileUpload.Label, 'label')
    export const Trigger = withContext(FileUpload.Trigger, 'trigger')
    export type RootProps = ComponentProps<typeof Root>
    export interface DropzoneProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Dropzone> {}
    export interface ItemProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Item> {}
    export interface ItemDeleteTriggerProps extends ComponentProps<typeof ItemDeleteTrigger> {}
    export interface ItemGroupProps extends ComponentProps<typeof ItemGroup> {}
    export interface ItemNameProps extends ComponentProps<typeof ItemName> {}
    export interface ItemPreviewProps extends ComponentProps<typeof ItemPreview> {}
    export interface ItemPreviewImageProps extends ComponentProps<typeof ItemPreviewImage> {}
    export interface ItemSizeTextProps extends ComponentProps<typeof ItemSizeText> {}
    export interface LabelProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Label> {}
    export interface TriggerProps extends ComponentProps<typeof Trigger> {}

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