Figma Kit

Complete design toolkit of Park UI components and styles.

Discover the Park UI Figma Kit, available in Foundations and Pro versions, both created by Philipp Körner.

Base Kit

Dive into Park UI design fundamentals with the Foundations Kit. It packs all you need: variables, styles, and essential UI components—buttons, inputs, radios, and more.

Use Accent Variable Mode for easy switching between classic and custom colors. Works in Figma directly, supporting both light and dark modes.

Download the Park UI Foundations Kit for free on Figma Community.

Pro Kit

Elevate your design with the Pro Kit. Built atop the Foundations, it introduces complex UI elements like cards, headers, footers, and full-page layouts.

Preview the Pro Kit in Figma and learn how it streamlines your design process, backed by the versatility of the Variable Mode.

Purchase the Park UI Pro Kit on Lemon Squeezy.

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